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Helping Women Restore Hope & Confidence in Their Bodies

Now, It's Your Turn. 

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Hi! I'm Dr. Sydney

I'm a fertility and pelvic physical therapist with an evidence-based and empathy-forward approach that harnesses the healing power of mindfulness, movement, and manual therapy. I've helped hundreds of women throughout my career achieve their pelvic health goals, and now I want to help you! 


I provide virtual and home-visit services to help you navigate...


- infertility

- pregnancy

- postpartum (including diastasis recti)

- sexual dysfunction (pain, anorgasmia, reduced sensation, etc.)

- vaginismus

- vulvodynia

- recurrent UTIs

- painful periods


- ovarian cysts

- fibroids

- endometriosis

- adenomyosis

- incontinence (bowel and/or bladder)

- constipation

- urgency/frequency (urination and/or defecation)

- urinary hesitancy

- bladder pain

- pelvic pain

Ready to start your healing journey? Click below. 

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