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Updated: Oct 11

Hi! My name is Dr. Sydney Curls, and I'm a pelvic floor physical therapist that helps women, birthing people, and people with vaginas achieve their pelvic health goals. I went to PT school unsure of what I wanted to do with my career until I learned about the pelvic floor my second year. The first pelvic floor patient I ever saw (while shadowing) was a transgender woman that had just had a vaginoplasty. IN MISSOURI. I was SOLD. As I continued to shadow that day I realized that this work is not only intimate, it's extremely powerful. Through this work, you can see hope restored where it was once thought to be gone forever.

Here's a quick story to show what I mean:

I had a young patient (she/her) that had a longggg history of pelvic pain. Because of this pain she was depressed and showed very little interest or pleasure in anything. My heart broke for her. We worked together for a few months - doing a mixture of manual therapy and therapeutic movement - and slowly but surely she started to improve. When she walked into her discharge visit she was a completely different woman. The woman in baggy sweats with hunched shoulders and a flat affect was now sitting up tall in her favorite outfit with a smile on her face. She was now able to wake up each day and enjoy life without having to deal with pain that she said made her feel suicidal. She was her again.

I started this blog to raise awareness around this life-changing treatment. All too often do I hear that women wish they knew about pelvic floor PT sooner and that they were able to fix issues they thought would be life-long. Through this blog, I want every woman to know their body, know there is hope, and take charge of their health. But rest assured, this will NOT be boring. We are not only going to learn, we're going to laugh - because that's therapeutic too. Prepare to be educated, entertained, and inspired.

So, What is the Pelvic Floor?

The pelvic floor is a collection of muscles that line the floor of the pelvis. They support your pelvic organs, allow you to have pain-free sex, are involved in your lubrication and orgasms, allow you to hold your pee and poop, and allow you to pee and poop! They are also part of your core system, so they play a HUGE role in your deep stability system. If the pelvic floor isn't happy, then you can have a LOT of issues ie: pelvic pain, low back pain, prolapse, urinary leakage, fecal leakage, frequent urination, recurrent UTI symptoms, painful sex, painful orgasms, absent orgasms, constipation, and more. For such a little muscle group, a lot can go wrong. Sometimes signs of dysfunction are quiet, and sometimes they are LOUD (like queefing during yoga). If you show any signs of dysfunction (like those listed) book a discovery call with me so we can get you on the path to pelvic happiness. Not showing any signs but want to know where you stand? A healthy pelvic floor should be strong yet mobile and be able to contract, relax, AND lengthen. Can you do all three? If not, let's talk.

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Dr. Syd

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