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Hi! I'm Dr. Sydney

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Dr. Sydney Curls, PT, DPT is originally from St. Louis, MO. She earned her B.S. in Exercise Science from the University of Kansas and her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Kansas Medical Center. It was during her DPT program that she discovered her passion for pelvic health. Upon graduation, she moved to Los Angeles to start her career. Since then, she has continued to expand her knowledge and refine her skills through advanced fertility and pelvic rehabilitation training. Dr. Curls values giving back and has served her community by leading pelvic-health-focused community outreach activities, giving pelvic health talks, and serving as a mentor and clinical instructor. She believes in increasing education around and access to pelvic health, and welcomes opportunities to collaborate with community-focused organizations and initiatives to achieve this. One such organization is The Victoria Project, of which Dr. Curls is a partner provider. Through Dr. Curls for the Girls she treats, educates, and empowers women with an evidence-based and empathy-forward whole person approach. She believe every woman should know her body and how to leverage movement, nutrition, and lifestyle modifications to improve her health holistically. She's helped hundreds of women achieve their goals and cannot wait to work with you to achieve yours! 

“I am so grateful to Dr. Sydney for her patience, her humor, her calm, and support throughout my 9 months of undergoing physical therapy with a dilator. Her grace and humor made me comfortable and the results have been life changing."

The DCFTG Approach

We believe the key to success is adaptability, so we tailor treatment plans and sessions that are flexible to your needs. We value trust, connection, and empathy, so we create an experience that allows you to feel comfortable sharing even your most intimate concerns. We value self-efficacy, so we empower every client to take an active role in their journey to optimal pelvic health. You can do this, we can help. 

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