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Pelvic Therapy for Every Woman

Specializing in Fertility Support, Pregnancy, Postpartum, Sexual Health, and Pelvic Pain

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A Whole Person Approach

Feel the difference of tailored care plans that honor your unique needs and go beyond physical treatment, embracing emotional and lifestyle factors to offer a comprehensive healing journey.


“I am so grateful to Dr. Sydney for her patience, her humor, her calm, and support throughout my 9 months of undergoing physical therapy with a dilator. Her grace and humor made me comfortable and the results have been life changing."


Dr. Curls combines high-level expertise with evidence-backed and innovative techniques, ensuring personalized interventions that consistently lead to positive, tangible outcomes.


Dr. Curls collaborates closely with patients and their healthcare providers, creating unified and synergistic treatment plans that harness the collective wisdom and expertise of the entire care team.


Experience unparalleled convenience with one-on-one care with Dr. Curls, right in the comfort of your home with home and virtual visits, making your path to wellness as seamless as possible.

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