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Recover Safely and Thrive Postpartum

No matter how you brought your baby into this world (vaginally or via cesarean), your body needs to recover. Pregnancy and childbirth are hard on the body, and you deserve comprehensive support as you heal. If you find that you have persistent leakage, struggle with muscle weakness, have DRA ("mommy pooch"), are navigating returning to sex, have a prolapse, or any other postpartum-related symptom, you can find relief with postpartum physical therapy. Your evaluation will include a DRA assessment, muscle strength assessment, and pelvic floor assessment along with a review of your birth story and discussion about your postpartum goals, and your treatment plan will include manual therapy, corrective and therapeutic exercise, muscle and movement retraining, and supportive education to help you recover at a pace that is right for you. With postpartum physical therapy you will find comprehensive care to enhance your healing. 

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