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Enhance Your Fertility &

Prepare for Pregnancy

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Fertility Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy plays a pivotal role in addressing infertility and preparing your body for pregnancy. This specialized therapy supports hormone regulation and reproductive organ function by addressing key factors that influence your fertility through targeted manual therapy, curated exercise, and individualized education. Manual therapy targets the uterus, ovaries, pelvic floor, and surrounding tissues to address restrictions and adhesions resulting from surgical procedures, infections, inflammation, tissue injuries, and trauma with a focus on restoring mobility and enhancing blood flow for improved function. Exercise plans are based on the findings of your evaluation and focus on improving core and pelvic strength and mobility, optimizing pelvic floor muscle coordination, and supporting hormone regulation. Education focuses on stress management, nutrition, sleep, sexual wellness, and mental/emotional wellness - all of which are important when trying to conceive.  With Fertility Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy you receive comprehensive, non-invasive care that can be utilized alone or in preparation for assisted reproduction (IUI, IVF, etc.)

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