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Redefine Healthy Pregnancy 

Prenatal Physical Therapy is your secret weapon to combat the demands of pregnancy and childbirth. Whether you're experiencing urinary leakage, low back pain, SPD (symphysis pubic dysfunction), carpal tunnel, or any other pregnancy-related symptom, prenatal physical therapy can help you move better so you can feel better. Through manual therapy, corrective and therapeutic exercise, and movement and muscle retraining you will have less pain, more strength, and improved mobility. To prepare you for birth you will have individualized education informed by your evaluation and treatment plan to help you work with your body to keep labor progressing, manage pain, push properly, and mitigate perineal and pelvic floor trauma if delivering vaginally. If planning a cesarean, you will receive an individualized prehab plan informed by your evaluation and treatment plan to prepare you for the procedure. With prenatal pelvic floor therapy you are not only improving your pregnancy and birth experience, you're also setting yourself up for an easier recovery.  

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