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About Dr. Curls

Dr. Sydney Curls is a pelvic floor physical therapist, speaker, and community educator that combines academic prowess with impassioned service. With a Doctorate in Physical Therapy and advanced training in pelvic health, she has developed an unparalleled expertise in pelvic health and holistic fertility care.  Her practice, Dr. Curls for the Girls, combines evidence-based practice and empathetic care to empower every kind of woman. She advocates for true understanding of the body and utilizing manual therapy, movement, nutrition, and lifestyle adjustments to enhance health outcomes alongside Western medicine practices. Having guided hundreds towards their wellness goals, her commitment to empowering women to learn to know, love, and take an active role in the care of their bodies is unwavering. In each client interaction, her dedication resonates. as she continues to positively impact lives through her expertise and genuine care.

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