Holistic Fertility Support 

Because pregnancy is possible. 

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Dr. Curls understands how difficult and confusing trying to conceive can be and offers a variety of fertility support options to meet your needs including: 

  • 1:1 Pelvic Wellness Consults Focused on Fertility 

    • Educational sessions designed to give you evidence-based information on how to optimize your fertility

  • Virtual Fertility Coaching - Virtual 1:1 fertility support program that includes 

    • 60-minute intake session

    • 3 x 60-minute virtual sessions focused on teaching fertility-optimizing manual techniques

    • 3 x 60-minute virtual fertility-optimizing exercise sessions

    • DCFTG fertility plan including exercise, self manual care, nutrition, diet, supplements, and lifestyle modification education

    • up to 1 year of cycle charting 

  • DCFTG Whole Conception Program - Our BEST fertility support package that includes

    • 60-minute Comprehensive evaluation

    • 6 x 60-minute fertility-optimizing manual therapy sessions performed by Dr. Curls

    • 6 x 60-minute in-person fertility-optimizing exercise sessions

    • Personalized fertility plan including exercise, diet, supplements, lifestyle modification, education, and up to 1 year of cycle charting​