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Holistic Fertility Support 

Because pregnancy is possible. 

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Dr. Curls understands how difficult and confusing trying to conceive can be. Deepen your understanding of your menstrual cycle, upgrade your exercise routine, optimize your sleep, and improve your pelvic organ blood flow to increase your chances of conception. Services can be provided alone or alongside other fertility treatments. Support services include : 

  • Virtual Fertility Coaching - Virtual 1:1 fertility support program that includes 

    • 60-minute intake session

    • 3 x 60-minute virtual sessions focused on teaching fertility-optimizing manual techniques

    • 3 x 60-minute virtual fertility-optimizing exercise sessions

    • DCFTG fertility plan including exercise, self manual care, nutrition, diet, supplements, and lifestyle modification education

    • up to 1 year of cycle charting 

  • DCFTG Whole Conception Program - Our BEST fertility support package that includes

    • 60-minute Comprehensive evaluation

    • 6 x 60-minute fertility-optimizing manual therapy sessions performed by Dr. Curls

    • 6 x 60-minute in-person fertility-optimizing exercise sessions

    • Personalized fertility plan including exercise, diet, supplements, lifestyle modification, education, and up to 1 year of cycle charting​

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